About TE-live

Every recruitment is an important investment in the future of your organisation. TE-live offers visibility for your recruitment process, saves you time and gives you the opportunity to enhance your employer image. In a recruiting broadcast you can present the values and work culture of your organisation more thoroughly and answer the jobseekers’ questions all at once, giving potential applicants a better view of what you are really looking for. Employer can participate to a broadcast either in the studio or remotely from anywhere. Jobseekers can view the broadcasts on mobile phones, tablets and computers via te-live.fi site, Facebook page or YouTube channel.

TE-live is a service offered by the employment offices in Finland (TE Office). Check out our website for more information:
te-live.fi or contact Taina Jutila p. 0295 043 582 / taina.jutila@te-toimisto.fi